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The Owners 2020 Full Movie Download. This movie was sick and twisted just how I like my movies! A psychological thriller that leaves your mind wondering after every scene and then the unexpected happens.

Reckless teenagers break into a couple house & find a safe thinking they’re about to become rich but then the tables turn into the unexpected.The vintage mansion in England made the setting of the movie even more creepier.Great movie.

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Best movie to come out of the UK for ages. No sugar coated, plot with treacle smiles. From the begiing this film keeps you on the edge of your sofa as a band of hoodlums find themselves victimising an old couple who are not the who they first thought.

What it started like Don’t breathe ” like style slowly turned into psychopath trap , absolutely brilliant .Impressive work done by director , impeccable grip on script , screenplay , good performances ensures its worthy to watch. Home invasion turned into deadly psychopath trap like hunter is hunted down by its own pray .

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Maisie Williams known for role of Arya stark in GOT impressed with her acting skills. Here she was accomplice of invaders but was totally unaware about deadly trap set by owners . If you are fan of thriller zoner it is surely a stuff not to be missed.

The Owners 2020 Full Movie Download Review

Highly recommended. The plot is what takes grip of your mind and the events till end never let down you as a audience. Quite sure that it is a underrated thriller .

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