It is Better to Keep The Horn and Mouth Closed

“You know how to repair a car, you can play very well and you know how to keep your mouth shut.”
‘Shut up! It is not a qualification. ‘
‘Beloved. You believe me It’s a qualification .’… Simon Elkelis. ‘Rules of Attraction.’

So much noise pollution around! I don’t know if there is any other country in the world that has a word country like Bangladesh and a word city like Dhaka. The horn of the car does not sound, it is not known to us. None of us told. On the contrary, he did not give the horn! When someone blows a horn in a car abroad, people think it is a slap in the face, why did the man blow the horn. And the person who is annoyed for some reason (such as the car in front is not moving because he is texting on his mobile even after reading the green signal) also blows the horn, but he also makes the horn very small and gently presses the horn. So that the minimum sound. And our job is to play the horn. We sound the horn for no reason. Our hands go to the horn automatically. I can’t stop.
The more I told the driver not to blow the horn, the more he was tempted to blow the horn. He thinks that his right to play the horn is depriving him of his basic human rights or fair share. The horn is changed every six months. Because, the Japanese give a horn to this car, but they don’t know who will actually blow it. As a result, every car has to change its horn within six months of coming to Bangladesh.
A news came out in the first light on March 16. The Bangladesh Environmental Movement and Stamford University conducted surveys in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet and Barisal. Determining the level of subject noise pollution. The fruit is predictable. Noise pollution is many times more than tolerable in Dhaka and outside Dhaka. Ear and throat specialist Pran Gopal Dutt said that if more than 75 decibels of noise is heard in the ears, any person will suffer from various health and mental problems.
Noise from 112 to 130 decibels has been found in our cities. Understand, we are all suffering from health and mental problems.
The human body, however, evolves to adapt to the environment. Since there is widespread noise pollution all around, our ears will stop hearing, which is normal. You see, almost all of us hear less and that is why we shout and talk to ourselves. He who listens less to his own ears, will raise his voice, because the word must reach his own ears, and he to whom he is speaking is also a man of this country, noise pollution has also made his ears deaf. As a result, the loud voice is audible for him too.
The wise men have always said that silence is green. What Mark Twain didn’t say has been proven (and propagated), ‘People may suspect you are a fool for being silent, but isn’t it better that everyone is sure you’re a fool when you open your mouth?’ There are conventional. A site called Quote Investigator reports that Abraham Lincoln did not say so. What they didn’t say, they did well. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.
Noise pollution is mike, noise pollution is on television, noise pollution is on Facebook Live, noise pollution is on YouTube. Noise pollution is through social media. I am polluting words by writing posts, blogs, statuses. And I’m polluting the noise by writing columns in newspapers.
Stop this time. Because, wise people say, what you don’t say is more valuable than what you say.
There is a law in America, says Miranda Law. So when the police interrogate someone, you have to tell the police at the beginning: you have the right to remain silent. Whatever you say may be used in court against you, will be used.
I also say: we have the right not to speak. What we are saying may and will be used in court against us.
I remember the parrot’s joke, I said. A parrot has boarded a commercial helicopter. As soon as he got on the helicopter, he started arguing. Hey, baby, give me food. Give this piglet a drink.
The crew is giving him food and drink.
Seeing this, a man also started cursing.
Shortly afterwards, the two were shot dead by a helicopter.
The parrot flew and said to the man next to him, “If you don’t have a fan, why are you blabbering on?”
Whether there is a fan or not, we have to talk less. O man, the ears are two, the mouth is one (and that mouth also has many other functions, you have to eat, you have to breathe, you have to spit), listen more, talk less.

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