The Way to Stay Healthy at The Beginning of The Summer

The heat has started to increase slowly. Rituraj has touched the spring air with warmth. Suddenly the lingering winter weather began to slowly disappear from public life, but the intensity of the heat began to subside from a certain time of day. At the same time, many people are suffering from cold, cough and cold fever.

Due to this difference in temperature, various diseases are appearing. In addition, the amount of dust outside is also increasing. This is increasing the possibility of dust allergies among everyone. Children and the elderly in particular need extra care.
On the other hand, due to coronavirus or Kovid-19, safety has to be taken care of separately. Therefore, just as you need to take care of yourself, you also have to pay extra attention to the cleanliness of the surroundings. Everyday clothes come from outside and are cleaned separately. Everyone is in the habit of washing their hands thoroughly with soap and water or using hand sanitizer before or after touching anything from food to cooking. Since there is a lot of dust outside at this time, the issue of wearing a mask to avoid coronavirus is also being noticed among everyone.
On the other hand, keeping the house clean at all times, starting from the curtains, bed sheets, cupboards, bookshelves, dining tables, all the necessary places are being kept clean and tidy every day as part of the daily work list.
In addition to the external issues, to keep yourself healthy and fit, some new issues are also being added to the list of food chess. Mild cough or cold, drinking hot water in case of sore throat, drinking tea mixed with ginger and lemon, vitamin C foods like lemon, orange, malt, pickled fruits are being added to the food list.
On the other hand, outside oil and fatty foods are being dropped from the food list. Seasonal fruits or vegetables are being added to the list of foods ranging from fast food to refrained from packaged foods. Besides, due to the change of seasons, many people are also suffering from stomach gas. In that case, the habit of drinking a pinch of salt with lukewarm water with ginger powder on an empty stomach can give you a lot of relief from gas problems. In case of drinking water, one should develop the habit of drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day.
You have to make it a habit to eat five meals a day just like you have to eliminate outside food. You have to take small meals without filling your stomach. As well as yoga or free hand exercise at a time of day can be quite helpful at this time to keep you healthy.
And so a few small changes every day will help you to stay healthy even at this time of the season, as well as increase your body’s resistance to disease.

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