Vegetables That Hide The Impression of Age

Spinach is rich in minerals, vitamins, water and fiber. The English name of spinach is Spinach and the scientific name is Spinacea olerocea. Helps to meet the nutritional needs as well as keep the stomach full.

The stomach stays full for a long time. Reduces the need for extra food. For every 100 grams of spinach, 90.06 grams of water, 1.6 grams of mineral salt, 0.6 grams of fiber, 3.3 grams of meat, 2.1 grams of sugar, 69 milligrams of calcium, 7.6 milligrams of iron, 6940 micrograms of vitamin. Contains 15 mg of vitamin C. One cup of spinach meets 20 percent of the daily requirement of dietary fiber. Only 23 calories per 100 grams of spinach. Spinach contains more than 10 different types of flavonoids, which help prevent complex diseases such as cancer. There are some important phytochemicals, including lutein; Which plays a role in increasing eyesight.
The beta carotene in spinach reduces the risk of cataracts. Helps reduce acne, wrinkles. The role of spinach in skin protection is unique. A bowl of spinach can be eaten instead of noodles for breakfast. Spinach soup helps in weight loss. No fat. Spinach has plenty of water. Spinach can increase blood quality. Because spinach has iron. Spinach should be cooked in a light net. Then the nutritional value will remain intact.
In our country spinach is cultivated in winter. Farmers cultivate spinach in the land, in the aisle of the land or in other crops. However, spinach is also grown on the roof or balcony. Within a month of sowing the seeds are ready to eat vegetables. There is no pair of spinach in beauty treatment. Spinach eliminates the problem of acne.
For this, apply spinach mask for 20 minutes. Then wash. Blend spinach, carrot, cucumber. This juice is unique in its nutritional value. If you play for a few days, you will feel the results. Skin problems will be eliminated. Spinach works to hide the impression of age. It contains free radicals, which prevent the skin from getting the impression of aging. There is nothing we can do about facial skin care. Let’s use it. But spinach, honey, lemon juice mixed in the mouth is very beneficial. Apply this mixture for 20 minutes. The skin will be fresh. Dead cells will fall. The skin will be smooth, soft, radiant.
Hair falls out, hair turns white, hair is not soft at all – you can eat spinach regularly. Hair problems will be cut. Because spinach has vitamins B, C, E, potassium, calcium, omega-3, fatty acids. All of this is very useful for the hair. Red blood cells have decreased which they will benefit from playing spinach. Spinach vitamins, nutrients increase the production of red blood cells.
Spinach is known to work well in controlling hypertension. Spinach vitamins and minerals eliminate menstrual problems in women. Spinach can be cooked in different ways. Spinach bean with chicken spinach, spinach cheese, vegetables and pills, just spinach bell, spinach pradib, spinach sweet, spinach naubihar, spinach kopta, spinach musur dalkari, spinach thepla are some of the delicious food.
The alpha lipoic acid in spinach helps lower blood glucose levels. Increases the sensitivity of insulin in the body. So diabetics will benefit from eating spinach. However, it is not good to eat extra spinach. Eating more spinach can cause flatulence, constipation and flatulence.
Spinach should not be high in fiber in any other food. This can cause diarrhea and stomach problems. Spinach contains high levels of acrylic acid. Eating extra spinach can cause kidney stones. Eating more spinach increases the amount of uric acid. If you have arthritis, the pain will increase. Available and low in price. We can easily meet the nutritional needs by eating spinach.

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