What are The Risks of Getting Pregnant At An Older Age?

Being a mother is a woman’s dream. But if for some reason that pregnancy is a risk factor for the mother, it is called a risky pregnancy. A study has found that 20 to 30 percent of pregnancies in our country are at risk. So many things work. Some of the personal factors of mothers, complications during previous childbirth, can also be due to any disease that occurs during pregnancy.

In addition to previous surgical history, it may also be due to an illness during pregnancy. There are also some reasons for age. If a woman becomes pregnant at the age of eighteen or less, there may be some complications. Even if you have diabetes or high blood pressure during pregnancy, there is a risk.
Senior Consultant in the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at the Kuwait Friendship Hospital in Dhaka. Nadira Haque shared this information.
She said thyroid problems, anemia during pregnancy, surgery due to uterine tumors and a history of multiple abortions can be a risk factor. If a stillborn or defective child is born. If there is excessive bleeding during the previous childbirth or if the placenta is stuck. If the position of the baby in the womb is abnormal. If there is a sudden rise in blood pressure during pregnancy, there is a risk if there is a seizure during pregnancy.
In the context of pre-pregnancy counseling. Nadira Haque said that pre-pregnancy counseling is very popular in other countries of the world. Counseling has also started in our country. It must reach the common man. Counseling is when a couple plans to have a child and consult a gynecologist or obstetrician. At this time it is seen whether she is physically or mentally fit for pregnancy.
She said pre-pregnancy counseling is crucial in preventing risky pregnancies. Because many do not know if he has any disease. This condition can be a risk factor for pregnancy. Pregnancy reduces the risk of diabetes or high blood pressure. The risk of having a defective baby is reduced. Some medications that cannot be taken during pregnancy need to be controlled in advance. In addition, if you have heart problems, you can reduce the risk of pregnancy through counseling.
Checkup during pregnancy
Dr. Nadira Haque said that every mother should get a checkup during pregnancy. In this case, the checkup of normal and risky mothers is different. Ordinary mothers are asked to come for checkup once a month for up to 28 weeks, twice a month for 36 weeks and once a week after 36 weeks.
According to the guidelines of the World Health Organization, pregnancy should be covered at least four times.
A mother should have a checkup once in 18 weeks of pregnancy. The second checkup should be done in 24 to 26 weeks and the third checkup in 32 weeks. You will also have to undergo a third checkup within 36 weeks. However, more checkups are needed for risky mothers.
What is the age limit for pregnancy?
In this context, Dr. Nadira Haque said that the most suitable time for a woman to conceive is 20-30 years. Although pregnancy is safe up to 35 years. However, pregnancy before the age of 18 can create some complications.
She said a recent study found that 55 percent of mothers had complications before pregnancy before the age of 18. At this time he is not fully prepared physically and mentally. In many cases, mothers have to cancel the first pregnancy. Anemia occurs in early pregnancy. Problems such as high blood pressure or convulsions during pregnancy can also occur. Increases the risk of giving birth to premature babies. Mothers also face various complications after childbirth in early pregnancy.
What are the risks of getting pregnant at an older age?
Dr. Nadira Haque said that usually after the age of 30, pregnancy is at risk. Currently girls are not able to conceive at the best time due to various engagements. There are some problems in getting pregnant at an older age. For example, gestational hypertension, pre-eclampsia, eclampsia, diabetes problems. Also, if you get pregnant at the age of 35, you are more likely to have a defective baby, and you need a caesarean section.

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