15 Minutes More Work in The Office Means Overtime!

Overtime only if you work only 15 minutes out of time. The new labor law of the Government of India will be introduced from April 1. This policy will be applicable to every employee of government and non-government organizations of the country. The country’s labor ministry has drafted a new law keeping in mind the interests of workers. News of Hindustan Times.

According to the news, according to the new law, working only 15 minutes outside the pre-determined time means that it will fall under overtime. In other words, if an employee works at this time, he will have to pay extra salary for overtime. Currently, the overtime limit in India is 30 minutes. In other words, this time the Modi government has reduced it by another 15 minutes.
Some more benefits for employees
According to the Hindustan Times, the draft also proposes mandatory PF and ESI benefits in the interest of financial security for employees. Not only permanent workers, but also temporary, contract / outsourcing workers are covered under this facility. So no organization can save its back by showing temporary staff.
According to political analysts, the big question is whether the law will be applied in this way in every organization or not at all. But before the upcoming assembly elections in four states, the Modi government’s new labor law could be the BJP’s new strategy. The response could have a significant impact on the BJP’s vote bank.

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