Acne Treatment is Gaining Popularity

It is difficult to find people who have not experienced acne on the face. Adolescents in particular are very uncomfortable with facial acne. But in most cases, they buy medicine from a pharmacy on the advice of someone who is not a doctor. It is the opposite of hite. Acne mainly affects people in the form of scarring.

Proper treatment is good for acne. Nowadays laser treatment to get rid of acne in modern treatment is gaining popularity. But still many people do not know much about laser treatment.
The beginning and end of laser treatment for acne treatment, said Sir Salimullah Medical College Hospital, Professor of Dermatology and Venereal Diseases. Zakir Hossain Ghalib.
Laser treatment is effective in treating acne, he said. But we have a lot of alternative treatments away from it. If they don’t work, we give laser treatment in the final stage. Everything we can kill with a laser can be done with antibiotics. After antibiotics we use lasers to soften the surface of the skin.
Lasers are also used to clean keratinous pragmas with suction. Treatment depends on who really needs it. Treatment is given considering skin type, skin quality, age of the patient, his occupation etc.
Acne is getting better with treatment, it is happening again after a while. In this case, Dr. Zakir Hossain’s advice: This is usually the case in teens. At this time acne is parched. Perchstein Eckney, or as we say Late Eckney, is not doing well at 41. In that case we do some experiments. Acne mainly affects people with acne and acne. Even if you are overweight, such a problem occurs.
There could be many reasons. We have an ultrasound scan to make sure she has polycystic ovarian disease. Because if you have polycystic ovarian disease, you get acne at a very young age. At this time acne accessories create some more problems. For example, there may be hirsutism, blood sugar may have IGT, the stage before diabetes is normal and the stage between diabetes may be impaired glucose tolerance. We have to do a little experimentation with such patients. Because common medicine is good for acne, even without medicine, acne can be cured. Zakir Hossain.

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