Caution In The Use of Cosmetics

Beauty practice dates back to ancient times. In daily life, girls use different types of cosmetics. But often mobile courts conduct raids in various markets to recover counterfeit cosmetics. The use of substandard or substandard cosmetics made with chemicals that are harmful to the human body can lead to kidney failure, not only cancer but also neuropathy.

The use of adulterated cosmetics can lead to a variety of allergic side effects, making it extremely risky to use cosmetics in the future.
Color whitening creams are used as cosmetic ingredients, which are extremely harmful. Whitening creams contain a substance called hydroquinone, which can cause white spots on the skin if used for a long time. Not only that, it is absorbed into the skin and can damage not only the surface but also the inside of the body.
Prolonged use of this lightening cream can sometimes lead to skin cancer. Why just cream, lipsticks of various brands are used on the lips as well as fake brands. Continued use can lead to a variety of complex diseases of the lips.
Many times the lips are swollen. Allergic reactions may occur. So it is not right to use any cosmetics other than good brand cosmetics, that is, you have to be careful while using cosmetics.

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