How to Use Lazy Time in Quarantine?

Everyone is going through a lot of stress in the home quarantine situation. This pressure increases only when you stop all work and wait for the coming danger. The more work you do, the more stress you will have. At the same time the body will lose the strength to fight danger.
During this time I will try to write a guideline for daily work for everyone. I hope that when you finish reading this article, you will get a solution to a big problem of this moment. The problem is, many say, time is spent just sleeping. Once I woke up I thought, what will I do now? I fell asleep again before I could figure it out.
After reading this article, the thoughts will end. You will also get a full 24 hour routine after reading the whole article. We have 3 main challenges in this disaster. To deal with those 3 challenges, you have to have 3 work routines.
Challenge-1: Getting the grace of the Creator to get rid of danger.
Duty to overcome challenges: To try to please the Creator according to the rules of one’s religion. (People of all religions will pray to the Creator according to their rules).
Challenge-2: Don’t get infected.
Duties to overcome challenges: To follow health guidelines.
Challenge-3: To keep yourself financially prosperous in the event of a possible economic downturn.
Duties to overcome challenges: Giving special time to acquire skills.
You will miss a lot if you get up after reading this much. Because now I will give a complete guideline on how to do these 3 main tasks.
Challenge-1: Pray to the Creator to get rid of the danger
(Here is the guideline for Muslims, people of other religions should pray to the Creator like themselves.) All the developed states in the world are failing to stop Corona. There is no way they can stop the death toll. There is no way to escape from this danger without the mercy of Allah. Therefore, one should seek help from Allah for the liberation of oneself, one’s family, society and country. To get Allah’s help, one has to follow His instructions to get His satisfaction.
In order to please Allah, we divide our duties into 3 parts-
1) Worshiping Allah:
5 times prayers, tahajjud and other supererogatory acts of worship, fasting, reciting the Qur’an.
2) Donate:
Charity reduces human danger. The current situation is the best time to donate. In addition to donating outside the line, the right to receive the first donation comes from one’s own poor relatives, poor neighbors, house workers (maids, doormen, etc.). Also, if you go to the market at this time without trying to reduce the price, even if it seems like a loss, come with that money, do not bargain when going somewhere in a rickshaw or a vehicle, on the contrary, give them some extra money. You will also get the reward of donating in this.
3) Acquiring Islamic knowledge:
Read Islamic literature in addition to reading Tafsir in the Qur’an to gain an accurate knowledge of Islam. This is also one of Allah’s favorite deeds. The more Islamic books there are outside of the Qur’an and Hadith, the more one can gain knowledge about Islam by reading them, and the time will be better. Even if you search for these online, you may find PDFs of many books.
Challenge-2: Don’t get infected
Once the coronavirus enters one’s own body or home, or a building or even an area, the virus is likely to pose a danger to everyone. That’s why experts around the world are urging people to plan for resistance to prevent the coronavirus from coming ashore. So one of the main tasks on your 24 hour routine task list is to do some routine activities to prevent it.
Keep yourself clean:
The virus enters the body through the mouth, nose and eyes. Not through the air. The virus can enter the face, nose and eyes through hand contact. So you have to clean your hands with soap for 1 hour and 20 seconds. When I come home from outside, I will not sit anywhere and wash my clothes or cover it in a bucket with a lid and wash it in time. If it is not possible to wash any clothes, I will dry them well in the bright sun. If possible, I will come home and take a bath with warm water or clean my hands and face.
Increasing the body’s resistance to disease:
I will clean (gargle) the throat with salted hot water as per the opportunity. Eat foods rich in vitamin C. Eat green vegetables, balanced diet, fish, meat, boiled eggs well (eggs should not be eaten) so that the body’s immunity increases. According to experts, cold food should not be eaten in any way. Sometimes it is better to drink hot coffee, tea, hot water or soup. In addition to these, regular physical exercise should be done.
Challenge-3: To keep yourself financially prosperous in the event of a possible economic downturn
The epidemic of coronavirus has shaken the world economy. The International Labor Organization (ILO) fears that 3.3 billion working people will be partially or completely unemployed due to the stagnation in global economic activity. This situation should not be forgotten.
To prepare for that situation, you need to use your free time. Otherwise, even if you survive from Corona, you will have to face another big danger of losing your job. In preparation for dealing with that danger, you need to increase your skills many times over in your spare time.
The question may be, have I got a job without my qualifications or skills? Hmmm, that’s true. You are able to do your job because of your qualifications. But I’m warning you by sharing a BBC news headline published a few days ago.
“The pilot of British Airways lost his job and took a job as a driver of a delivery van.” If your current job is gone for any reason, add another

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