The Dangers That You are Facing When You Go to Whiten Your Skin

It is said that ‘first the philosopher, then the judge’. And this is why everyone wants to look a little beautiful. In the context of Bangladesh, a little attraction towards the beauty of the people here works more. So many people are seen to use whitening cream. It is also a risk factor for many diseases like cancer.

Prominent aesthetic dermatologist said in detail. Jahanara Khan Jhumu. Dr. interviewed. Rubaiya Ali
Q: There are many patients in our country who talk about skin whitening. On the one hand they want to whiten the skin but on the other hand they are worried about getting skin cancer. Say something about it.
Dr. Jahanara Khan Jhumu: In fact, whitening the skin is never possible. The natural color that God gave me, melanocytes, pigments. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. Why do whites want to be brown, because they know that if they have any sun damage, they get blisters, sores, cancer. We don’t have those.
If we continue to destroy this melanocyte, we will soon have this problem. Skin cancer is very rare in our country. But we should realize what God has given us. Gave us a naturally beautiful color. In our country, 80% of the girls are black. If a girl of black color is born, first the family will tell her that our daughter is black, then they will say from the house next door- she is black, how will you marry her.
The stigma that starts, the mental torture that continues on the girl, due to which her natural beauty cannot be seen. Maximum shows a black Bangladeshi girl who is sick, unhappy and very depressed. In order to cover these colors, they use different types of creams for which they do not think about the side effects of these creams. This is the cancer that is being talked about, the cream that costs 100 rupees, but the damage continues to happen.
We use antioxidants for brightening treatments in the body. Glutathione is very good as a brightening agent. Antioxidants say it detoxifies but brightens from the inside out. Each of his cells tends to be clean.
Q: Explain the word antioxidant.
Dr. Jahanara Khan Jhumu: Oxidants are a harmful thing for our body. We need oxygen not oxidation. There is still toxin, heavy metal accumulation in our body, we are free from various kinds of pollution, radicals to eliminate them but we give lutathon. That means lutethane works but does not destroy melanocytes, it is detoxifying.
The energy that will come from inside me, my eyes will be brighter, my skin will be brighter, so I will feel brighter and more beautiful. I can laugh, my mind will be better. I have seen many times in Bengali videos that a face turned white. In fact there are carbon particles given to the face, even the switch absorbs those carbon particles.
Instantly it is seen that people have a lot of questions about it from black to white. But that’s not the point, but he can take away the imperfections that are on our skin. It is very scientific. It is seen that the skin is getting beautiful, this is glutathione. We use vitamin C in glutathione.
We all know that vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant. We give a glutathione, it contains collagen, it contains stem cells, it’s really good for inner health. It has more immunity, increased immunity. There is no fear of getting cancer for it.
The more you eat vitamin C, the more you eat fruits and vegetables. As well as giving sunblock from the outside, your vitamin-C will work as a sunblock from the inside.

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