What to Do in Skin Care At This Time

Winter is almost over. In nature, the turn of the seasons is going on, that is, the message of the arrival of Falgun is ahead. In Kankan, the mild winter frosts give a better indication of the changing seasons. The coronavirus is in it again.

In the middle of it, the cold-cough is playing twelve. Colds cause many problems, such as indigestion, flatulence, diarrhea, diarrhea, fever, pneumonia, skin infections, etc.
Those who keep themselves busy in urban life through various activities. They forget about many things in their daily work that they should pay attention to the body. And when the body tells in its own language that it needs to be taken care of, I just remember if I had known some time ago! Let’s find out what you need to know.
Food and chess: In winter, various meals are arranged as usual. The fun of eating cakes and arranging weddings are all over the place to the satisfaction of our taste buds. As a result, if you immerse yourself in food, you will see that your body is reporting its problems in various ways. Make sure that the amount of food is not excessive and do not consume oily and sweet foods. Eating these foods suddenly can cause various stomach problems.
Water life: ‘Water is another name for life’ – this proverb sentence has not been read on the pages of magazines starting from textbooks since childhood. But as soon as winter comes, you can feel how true it is. In fact, as the weather gets drier in winter, our body also starts getting drier. Not only does the skin get wrinkled, but it also dries out from the inside of the body. So if you want to be good in winter, there is no speed without water inside and outside. Even if you are not thirsty, you have to drink a couple of liters of water a day. Otherwise nothing will be owed except illness.
What to do in skin care: Appearance: The harmful effects of winter are most seen on the skin. Absolutely understandable. How miserable the skin has been. As a result, the skin is in a very sensitive state at this time. What happens is that even a slight irregularity causes rashes and allergies. So this winter, use make-up, creams, these beauty products very carefully and do not use anything less expensive.
It’s better to do. Because mercury-low-cost cosmetics are ideal only for the winter, at any time of the year. This is a little early in the winter damage. You can also use a very light homemade face-pack to keep the skin soft.
These guys are skin damaged in winter. He knows. But tell me exactly how the damage is? In fact, the acidity level of the skin decreases during this time. As a result the skin loses its moisture. Very soon the dryness becomes dull. So the only way to keep the skin fresh in winter is to caress the oil. Apply oil before or after bathing every day as a rule and you will see that the skin stays shiny even in harsh winters.
What to do in foot care: It is rare to find people who do not suffer from foot pain in winter. Some problems are seen in the legs in winter. Either the problem of bad smell or the problem of cracked ankle. Keep your feet clean to avoid this. Rose comes from outside and rubs well with soap to keep the feet clean. The dry, dead cells will come out, the feet will not stink. Also, to avoid cracking your feet in winter, stop at home barefoot. It will not feel cold directly on the feet. Also, before going to sleep, massage any cream on the feet and ankles. Wear socks at the end of it all. It will not be able to damage the feet by accumulating dust and sand on the cream coating.

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