Why is Mechta, What to Do to Eliminate?

Mechta or Melasma is more common in women. This results in black spots on the face. You have to be embarrassed to move outside. Men also have mechta, which is related to sunlight. Why Mechta occurs, what are the issues involved and what is the treatment, said the head of the Department of Dermatology and Venereal Diseases of Sir Salimullah Medical College Hospital. Zakir Hossain Ghalib.

He said that the important places of the mouth are usually on both sides of the nose. Black spots are clearly visible. This is for two or three reasons. In the case of girls taking the birth control pill, it can be caused by sunlight in both pregnant women after childbirth and in both men and women. Although there are a few other minor causes, these three factors are mainly responsible.
Women as well as men are having mechta. Because boys get more sunlight on their skin. If the skin is not able to absorb the heat of the sun, a certain place becomes black. Mechta is not usually hereditary. However, if the mother has wire skin, the daughter can also get it. In that case skin quality is very important. In the case of sunlight, each person’s skin responds individually. For example, fair skin responds in a certain way; Black skin responds differently. Again, the response of common skins is the same. Black spots are visible based on the quality of the skin. You need to know these things well.
Dr. Zakir Hossain said, Mechta can be of two types. One is epidermal hyper prevention super facial. Another is dermal hyper prevention. There is a light, with which it is easy to see which class of mechta. If the epidermal is super facial, use a sunblock properly, so that it does not become due to ultraviolet rays. You have to use the sunblock before going out. You have to use any bleaching agent at night. Bleaching agents usually contain hydroquinone, folic acid, ascorbic acid, with which we will bleach, if bleached, our mechta will go away.
Mechta can come back even after bleaching with hydroquinone a lot of the time. In that case we give a cligmaj formula. This means that if you use a little steroid with hydroquinone, a little vitamin A derivative, tritinine at night, you can get rid of it. Even then, if someone’s fishing problem comes back, they have to do chemical peeling. He said that peeling should be done with dry choleic acid and trichlor acetic acid.

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