Corona Has a Higher Risk for Diabetic Patients

This information is incorrect because diabetics are more susceptible to coronavirus. Anyone can be infected with corona. However, health experts believe that diabetics may suffer more complications if they have coronary heart disease.

In this regard, the consultant of the endocrinology department of the United Hospital. Prashant Prasoon Dey said that coronavirus infection in diabetics also increases the chances of damage to various organs of the body.
He said that diabetic patients not only suffer from more complications in the corona, they also suffer more from any viral infection.
Dr. as a few reasons. Prashant Prasoon Dey said that firstly, the immunity of diabetic patients is less than that of normal people.
Second, diabetics have high blood sugar levels in their body, where the virus grows very fast, he said.
Dr. as the third reason. Prashant Prasoon Dey said that diabetic patients have some long-term complications, such as heart disease and kidney disease. Complications are exacerbated by coronary heart disease.

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