Furmon is the ‘World’ of Infinite Beauty

I came to know in the news that after many years, the administration has lifted the ban on ordinary Bengalis from entering Thegamukh. With that started, direct shipping from Rangamati Sadar. It was not too late to know the news, but the travel lunatics got ready much earlier.

The friends of De-Chut Travel Association are not far behind. Without informing everyone in the group, I ran to Thegamukh in secret. Arriving at Rangamati at 7 am, I floated in the reserve speedboat without boarding the line ship. The only idea is to reach Thega as fast as possible. Because when the will of the administration is on the pretext of security.
I am going to Thegamukh with great joy. The blue waters of Kaptai Lake, the green hills – everything seems to belong to you. I have been wandering in the water of the lake since 1994. But every time I come, I discover Kaptai Lake in a new form. The people of this region have a sad history around the lake.
Thousands of people lost their homes in the lake overnight. There is no word, someone’s Poush month is again someone’s defeat. Kaptai Lake, now a touristy, thirsty and travel-ridden city, has been one of the most spectacular wilderness for the three groups.
In the clear waters of the lake, the speedboat left everything behind, stopping at the Barkal checkpost on the way. Matching clearance from the camp without any hassle. Now, 95 degrees Fahrenheit is raining. Because seven years ago, this bark was stuck for two hours.
The boatman is a Chakma. As a result, many things are known to him. Sometimes in the water of the lake, sometimes in the canal, sometimes in the water of the river Karnafuli. I realized he was hitting the shotcut. What’s in it? On the contrary, various forms of nature caught our eye.
Especially the beautiful scenery on both sides of the river, and the life of the small ethnic groups. In addition to the shortcuts, our travel bags also get heavier. Reaching the little deer camp in just two and a half hours to see the breathtaking views of nature.
On the occasion of the tea-cycle, I talked to a young Bengali man in Harina Bazar. Going to talk to him, the sky seemed to fall on his head. The ban was re-imposed this morning. The way then? If you can manage a local tribe, you may get a chance to go.
The running started. Also managed. The name and address entry in the camp is also; But alas! The boat came ashore. For that reason, I did not have more travel companions this time, but maybe because of some of our words, we stopped going to Thegamukh. That barrier could not be removed. Even calling the colonel; What else to do. Sit on the speed boat feeling dirty.
On the way back, we have to report to Barkal camp again. Take the opportunity to wander around for a while. Pakistan Tila is seen. Which is now called Bangladesh Tila. Basically it is a high hill. That day was a weekly walk.
I could not resist the temptation to buy a rooster weighing about two and a half kilos. Everyone smiles even when they feel overwhelmed by getting the desired cock. Arriving at the Reserve Bazaar in the evening, I got up at the hotel.
In the meantime, I plan the next day and issue a farman. I need to go to bed early. We will leave Furmon hill in the morning. In this order, the keeper of money, Nazmul, got his life back, so he ambushed Roy-ha-ha-ha.
After resting for a while, I went to the local markets. Roast roast cooked with a hotel chef in the space of light shopping. Straight to the room at the end of dinner. For a while, in a tired body, I slipped into a state of sleep to get rid of Harek Kissim’s snoring.
I woke up when I heard the sound of Fajr call. Quickly everyone is ready. What do I eat all day, so I ate breakfast in Petpur and put pressure on CNG. CNG runs in a spiral winding mountain path in the morning air. We reached Manikchhari joint farm in about 40 minutes. Furmon peak in sight.
Leave the CNG and start the trail. We will climb to the top with offroot. Usually tourists do not trek this way. At the end of the trail, a beautiful small ethnic group catches sight of the neighborhood. Their houses are surrounded by luxuriant flowering trees. A handful of boiling flowers on him. In such a wonderful mountain environment, the photoshoot lasted for some time. Then slowly hiking in the forest. The further we go, the more fascinated we become. The path of the friend began to go. By then the fog had cleared and the fiery sun was shining.
After an hour’s walk, the main trek to the summit of Furmon begins. By then the sun had risen. From time to time, I look back at the opportunity. In fact, we did not want to stand. The insane nature has forced us to stand. As far as the eye can see, only the tops of the small hills surrounded by greenery. Seeing the distant peaks is like the power to climb to the peak of Furmon. I got up and went to the army camp.
After talking to the army members for a while, they ran back up and down the hilly road. There are some places in the thousands of feet of gorge when the foot slips. In fact, the fun of mountain travel is in such places. Moments that are like adventures are thrilling. Last time I reached the top without cutting the Adventurer Flings of Furmon Trekking.
SobhanAllah! This is another world. In that world only nature lives. The perimeter of the peak is not too much. But standing on Furmon, the waves playing in the distance, the floating white clouds and the beauty of the blue sky will pull you to the top of Furmon again and again. The word furmon means furfure mind. This is Chakma language. It really matches the name.
There is a Buddhist shrine on the top of Furmon, 1516 feet above the ground. So religion belongs to everyone but everyone needs to respect the places of worship of every religion. We have to be as silent as possible because of that ethics

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