How Much to Eat in Iftar, How to Eat?

After fasting all day, many people eat a lot more in Iftar. Many are indifferent to the rules of eating. In this way, fasting can cause various ailments including stomach ache.

“We eat,” said Nahida Ahmed, a nutritionist at Vella Laser Care Center. But we don’t care what kind of reaction it has in the body. Now I am without food for 13/14 hours during Ramadan. If we think about our stomach, this organ is not too big. In that case, if we take extra food in Iftar, it can cause various problems.
Nahida Ahmed said, “Our stomach is usually seen to be at rest up to 83 ml. So when the food goes inside, it can be seen that it can expand up to 1 liter. However, if we take food with extra pressure, it will expand up to a maximum of three liters.
This will create various complications in the stomach, he said. Suffering from indigestion, air problems, acidity problems as well as discomfort. It is often seen that taking extra food from fasting causes constant acidity problems. So we have to be careful about taking food.
This nutritionist said that after opening Iftar with dates, you can drink lemon water without drinking ordinary water. However, sugar cannot be mixed with lemon water. Because sugar but sugars. When we eat sugary foods for the first time, it can be seen that our body will break down that sugar and convert it into energy. As a result, when we eat other fibrous foods, our body cannot absorb them properly (vitamins, minerals, proteins).
“Since we have been without food for a long time during the month of Ramadan, we need to eat a healthy diet so that every nutrient in our body is absorbed,” he said. That’s why I first drank water with the mouth of the date, then slowly eat liquid or easily digestible food. Then it will help the body to absorb adequate nutrients.

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