What is The Ideal Food for Iftar? Find Out The Advice of Nutritionists

Most people in this country like to eat oil fried food in Iftar. As a result, we are unknowingly harming the body.
Rebecca Sultana Ruma, Clinical Dietitian at New Zealand Dairy Products Bangladesh Limited and Nutritionist at SIBL Foundation Hospital, explains how to have a healthy Iftar with a small amount of low cost food.

He said, this time fasting is in summer. In our country, people of different classes and professions fast. Many of them are suffering from various diseases. As a result, you have to plan to prepare food items for Iftar keeping everything in mind.
Rebecca Sultana Ruma said that it has become a custom in Bengali iftar, starting with fried food. Later took other foods. But it is harming our body at least a little bit. This is because if the stomach is empty for a long time, if oily food enters it, it creates digestive problems. Moreover, most of these oily foods are bought from outside. As a result, in many cases, these are made in the oil used more than once. Playing these can also cause food poisoning in Ramadan.
“We nutritionists divide the food into six parts,” he said. Iftar food should be eaten in two parts. At first, he broke his fast with only dates and water. Those who do not have sugar can keep a home-made sherbet. Then you can finish the prayers and eat other food in the second part. But keep in mind that in the second part, eating fried food every day can cause problems in the body.
Therefore, it would be healthier to replace them with chira, banana, yoghurt or a little soup or normal baked khichuri or some steamed cake. Many people can eat red flour bread with vegetables again. The six essential nutrients (meat, sugars, fats, vitamins, minerals and water) to meet our nutritional needs throughout the day are important to keep in mind iftar food.

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