Illegal unofficial smartphones will be suspended from 1st July

All smartphones in Bangladesh that are using the mobile network will be automatically added to the registry today on 30th June 2021. From tomorrow July the first, any new illegally imported, clone or false phone will be disconnected from the network after three months of the test period. The three months test period is there to study practical cases and see if any adjustment is necessary. The government holds the right to make any changes to the decision based on the results.

If someone imports smartphones for private usage or as gifts from outside the country, there is a certain procedure to register them to the network (see sources below, in Bengali). The so-called “unofficial” phones that are available in the market may come through gray zone and might be legally registered to the network. But generally, we advise purchasing official phones only from July onwards from showrooms and authorized dealers with brand warranty. This way it is 100% safe in the long run without any worry of being disconnected in the future.

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