Kylie Jenner Loses 1 Million IG Followers For Shading Selena Gomez

Kylie has almost lost a million followers on Instagram followers in past week for Throwing shade on Selena along with Hailey Bieber. Other side Selena gained 10 million followers.

Someday ago when Selena accidently laminated her eyebrows too much Kylie mocked Selena through IG story with Hailey.

Selena Gomez has a massive fanbase. So her fans came out in support after that. And after that Kylie lost a million followers on IG .Yes, you read it right. But Kylie denial that she didn’t mock her and she didn’t see Selena’s video. Selena’s fans trolling her for that and prove  Selena is the queen of Instagram. Because after that Selena gained 10 million follower followers on IG and become the most followed women on insta.

On the other hand Kylie’s BFF Hailey also lost major followers for mocking . While Jenner and Gomez tried their best to debunk any rumors  between them but fans flooded the Kardashians star’s Instagram comments section. Most of the users accused Jenner and Bieber of being mean to the actress.

Recently Selena response in  Tiktok comment that she is very thankful to her fans for the unlimited support. She commented: “Thank you and love you all so much. I’m deeply grateful for each and everyone of you humans. You make me unbelievably happy.”

Following the drama, Hailey and Kylie have both been subject to thousands of hate comments on their social media pages. What’s your view towards this drama ? comment and let us know.

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