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A Thursday lets your nailcutters rest ! The most intruging thriller of recent times and the layer and the motive of the film is not only to give a thriller. A Thursday Bangla Subtitle also a slap on the face of social media justice seekers for every single inequality and crime happening around us a very shocking message through a thriller film is a beautiful choice to keep the viewer engaged through out A Thursday Bangla Subtitle and leaves us with a heavy heart and also deep down leaves us with a guilt for not a particular thing but for something happening around us.

Casting is amazing Yami Gautam is just naina and cant be called anything else she has just portrayed everysingle women who is undergoing trauma with just perfection screenplay is amazing with a crisp runtime .I wish the motive of the film gets a place in the books of law and i also strongly belive films has the power to change anything around us.

A Thursday Bangla Subtitle Just finished watching this extreme thriller movie with sucha strong message & has been portrayed so beautifully with all the emotions & our system’s fault (lack of empathy, consideration, support & misogynist mindset is also shown).. I’ve always been a fond of Yami Gautam Dhar’s acting & this movie got me goosebumps from start till end.. A Thursday Bangla Subtitlewas a gripping performance! Got me kinda high on my Adrenaline.. whether be it shots, the emotions or anything else.. it was on spot! It is fast, good plot, climax, story & executed fantastically! The only issue that I faced due to my profession (psychologist) that lack of connectivity as I feel those scenes in flashback in climax could be shown for about longer time duration for the audience to connect & go through that pain with the character or could atleast describe the horror!

Other than that, Top notch performances given by Neha Dhupia & Atul! A must watch definitely!! Great movie, everyone must go and watch it once. My salute to all for the way the thrilling story of the film has been portrayed. Spectacular and gripping thriller that will keep you glued to your seat till the end. It takes some time in the beginning but after that the whole story will leave you stunned. A very strong message has been given in A Thursday Bangla Subtitle for our society. which is very important. And society should pay attention to it, not ignore it.

The media angle was not needed and they mostly seemed cringy. The media angle should have been chopped off a bit instead the flashback sequence should have been given more time. Other than these two minor issues, i feel i watched a really good thriller after a long time all thanks to Yami and Atul who help elevate the thrill to next level. The idea of infusing the BGM with a nursery rhyme as Yami would battle out a hostage is a masterstroke. I had liked Behzad Khambatta’s previous work “Blank”. A Thursday Bangla Subtitle was average but still the film showed the man Khambatta has immense potential and through A Thursday , he proves it. In both films what i loved was the twist he puts in at the end , a rather unpredictable one. Hoping to see more films from this guy.

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