Science Bee: How memes can be used as education tools


So why should you be a bee blogger?
A blog is your digital portal to share your current passion online. It’s text and multimedia without ink stains or Facebook distractions.
A blog is a place where you distill the experiences, thoughts, and ideas that you have learned during your education, career and life journey.
The truth lies hidden somewhere in between. A successful career and life are based upon being “on purpose.” We all bring our own magic and uniqueness into the world. Your goal in life is to discover what that is, embrace it and share it.
Your blog can be the digital platform where it’s revealed.

Initially, three meaningful and publishable blogs need to be a blogger, because manual profile based blogger should be regular with us, in case of failure minimum blogs can wrap up your absence as a blogger with us. The maximum number has no boundary.

Of course, Confined within the mentioned categories you can choose any topic based on your interests you can follow up.

No limitation to maximize but blog should be more than 300 words or above with a good number of paragraphs. If your writing is much bigger to irritate reader to finish, you can make a series of that.

Yes, any technical issue can bother you, unfortunately. So, you must let us know. Two things you can follow: inbox us with your relevant problems to Page Inbox mail us to [email protected]
You can submit your blog with mentioned questions answers to our official mail [email protected]


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