2 to 6 Months Old Baby Exclusive World

By the age of 2 months, babies can recognize their mothers and other acquaintances, smile and focus more on them. This adds a new dimension to the parent and child.

Loving the child, the parents are overwhelmed with the double joy of receiving love. The next few months have seen dramatic improvements in the child’s physical ability and intelligence. With the help of children and parents in the world of outstanding communication opportunities.
Physical growth
At the age of 3 to 4 months, the child gains an average of 20 grams. At this time, the baby may roll upside down from the back to the abdomen. Moreover, he wants to see any object or material along the middle line of the body and hold it with both hands.
He is able to keep his neck straight, which allows him to look at anything better than before. As he becomes accustomed to eating with a spoon, his eye senses become more mature, which in turn increases the depth of his vision.
At this age, a child spends an average of 14-18 hours a day on mummies. Which is about 9-10 hours at night. About 60 percent of 6-month-old babies can get about 7-8 hours of sleep a night.
The emergence of amiability met my eyes when I went out
Qualitative changes in the child’s behavior can be observed as a result of psychosomatic development at this age. Even a four-month-old baby sees and feels the world gradually unfolding before him with new eyes.
In other words, the various reactions of the society like making a child with ‘it’ make him. Now, while breastfeeding, the baby not only looks at the mother’s face, but also leans his head from the mother’s arm and looks outside.
He can know something about his own body, he sees his own hands and makes fluent words with his mouth, he touches his own ears and cheeks. All this gives rise to the idea of ​​causation in him.
The connection between the sensations of touch and sight with the movement of the limbs is known to him and thus the sense of intimacy awakens in him. Sometimes she feels the sound, smell and touch of mother’s presence with crying.
Understand if the child’s behavior is normal, how the child now concentrates on the outside world with more skill and ability.
Even at this age, the child becomes adept at expressing all the basic emotions like anger, joy, interest, fear, annoyance, amazement etc. by making almost appropriate changes in the facial expressions. According to the intensity of the laughter, the size of the eyes increases and decreases at the same time, the movement of the lips fluctuates together.
When the child becomes restless, he turns his face away in excitement once every few seconds, stays still for a while, then looks back at the sneak peek again and thus gets into the game.
At this point, when the parents pretend to leave, he jumps up, wants to reach them, and thus prays with them. But when he failed, he burst into tears.
On the other hand, the behavior of a child with a depressed parent is of a different nature. He does not enjoy playing with his parents, nor does he show them different attitudes.
He wants to spend less time with such parents. He does not want to make repeated appeals to them or respond to their calls. Instead of showing anger in the long absence of his parents, he becomes depressed and dirty. Therefore, constant observation of the parents with the child at this age develops the child’s psyche and initiates social relations.
What is the role of parents?
With strong physical and sensory appeal and outstanding appeal, the 3-6 month old child becomes an important member of the family life.
Sometimes the home environment becomes integrated with him. But some parents are afraid of being attracted to the outside world.
They are disturbed by the thought that they understand their children and do not love them as before. However, most parents are happy to accept such behavior. Parents do not keep these pleasures around the child a secret, but they exchange words and gestures with their child, which they describe to different people, to the pediatrician.
The pediatrician himself became a partaker of this joy. Because these events are very desirable for the normal development of the child. But without that, if the parents in such visits hear such a happy message or any news of relief, then he has to look into something else. It is very important to find out if there is any social problem, domestic unrest, distance between parents.

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